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Pricing: 6 Months free boarding with the purchase of an animal if needed. $ 4.00 per day per alpaca, any vet calls/medical issues or services not listed as routine, will be billed to the client at the end of each month. Discounts on boarding for animals purchased from our farm. Call for details.
Call for Details: 309-275-0853

Service Description

If you do not have the land yet or need time to prepare for the arrival of your alpacas, we can board them for you. We will care for your animals as if they were our own. Boarding fee would include daily feed and routine dectomax vaccinations and nail trimming. We feed Dr. Evans blend feed and minerals. We have a vet with alpaca experience within 20 miles of the farm.

Terms of Service

We feed free choice orchard grass hay that has been tested, free choice minerals, Dr. Evans blend feed.